Thanks for your interest in auditioning! Whether you want to be a musician, singer, worship ministry intern, music director or campus worship pastor, this is the place to start!

Step 1: Download and read our audition guide.

2015-11-05-09-18-03It will help you know what to expect and how to prepare for your audition/interview.

Family Church Worship Audition Guide

Guía De Audición

Step 2: Complete the audition request form at the bottom of this page, and submit a 30 second audition video.

If you are a vocalist, acoustic guitar player or keyboard player, we require a 30-second “first look” audition video, basically a short sample of your singing or playing. (Others may submit a video if they wish, but it is not required.) A good choice is one verse or chorus of a song that you sing or play well. Be sure to introduce yourself on the video. It does not have to be high quality–cell phone video is fine.  We just want to be able to see you and hear you. There is an upload link at the bottom of this page.

Step 3: One of our team will reach out to you to inform you of next steps.

For many, this will be an in-person interview and audition for us to get to know you personally and hear you play or sing more.  There are three possible outcomes for your in-person audition:

  1. No. If you don’t have the aptitude we are looking for, we will try to connect you to a ministry better suited to your gifts.
  2. Work and re-audition in six months. If you are close to the standards we need, but not there yet, we will give you some counsel on how to improve.
  3. Yes!

Step 4: Launch Worship Training!

All new team members will be required to participate in Launch Worship Training, which runs 8-10 weeks in the Spring and Fall. Check out our Launch page for more information.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact us at

Audition Request Form

Note: Short (30-second), “First Look” audition videos are required for vocalists, acoustic guitar players and keyboard players. Shoot a video (cell phone video is fine) and use this link to upload it.  If you have questions or encounter problems, contact