New Worship Album in Progress

Family Church Worship is excited to announce that we have begun recording a new album! Over the past few weeks we’ve been in Legacy Studios with Angel Arce, our recording engineer, and Winner Olmann, our producer, tracking drums with Danny Marquez (the Mexican Sensation), with bass, keys, guitars and vocals soon to follow.

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The songs on this as-yet-untitled project are all originals written by Family Church Worship. We’ve begun using some of them in worship services across the Family Church campuses, and are encouraged by how warmly the songs are being received. You might have heard one or two of them before:

  • Undefeated
  • I Found Freedom
  • Revive Us
  • The Glory of the Cross
  • Jehovah

Winner Olmann is excited about how the new project is turning out:

“I think this EP will resonate more with our people because it is OUR story and we wrote these songs because of what our church is going through right now. Our church is very Gospel and Ministry oriented and our church is very excited to see people being brought to life and that is definitely evident in the Lyrics of these songs.”

Look for the new album to be released in February.