Stay in the Know

by Mark Warnock

Hello everyone.  Most of our readers subscribed for weekly email updates back when we were promoting our Christmas album, Tell the Story. (By the way, it was quite a success–thanks for all your support!)

Now, we are retooling our newsletter into a monthly update on our ministry.  Over the next several weeks, our team members will be blogging about our experience writing songs with a group of Dove and Grammy Award winning songwriters.  Some other things you can look forward to hearing about:

  • Upcoming plans for a recording project featuring some of our best new songs.
  • Our new worship leader training process.
  • Future plans for FC Worship on tour.

We hope you continue to enjoy enjoy receiving these monthly updates.  (If you prefer not to, however, simply scroll to the bottom of your newsletter and there is an easy unsubscribe link.) You can always find the latest content at

Mark Warnock is the administrative pastor for Family Church Worship.