Use this Christmas album to advance the mission!


From the beginning, one of our dreams for this album project was that the people of Family Church would catch the vision for using it to build bridges with friends and neighbors who are far from God.

I’ll give you an example.  I have a neighbor who isn’t a church guy.  Over the course of a handful of conversations as we bumped into each other, I mentioned that we were working on the Christmas album, and even showed him our promo video on my cell phone. He has told his girlfriend about it, and I’m going to follow up with an invitation to one of our Christmas events. Discussion about the album has broken the ice somewhat, which proved advantageous.  I’ve been able to pray with him when his dad was in the hospital, and talk with him about his upcoming marriage. The point is that even talking about the album has helped me forge a connection and begin spiritual conversation.

Here are reasons to consider giving the Christmas album as a gift to friends and neighbors who may be far from God.

  1. Everyone listens to Christmas music.
  2. When they hear how good the album is, they will be impressed.
  3. There are a variety of musical styles on the album—everyone is sure to like something on it.
  4. The album has tracks in both English and Spanish, so no matter what your neighbors’ background, they can enjoy it.
  5. It’s an inexpensive gift.
  6. It can begin a conversation about the gospel, about Family Church, and about our mission.
  7. You can talk about how your personal connection with the music: you know, see, and are led in worship by the people on this record every week.
  8. It can be a great warm-up to an invitation to Christmas Eve services.

At, there are discounts for 5+ copies.  It’s the perfect gift for employees, coworkers, and neighbors. You might want to have one or two on hand for last-minute gifts.