Advent / Christmas Resources for Your Church

As churches celebrate Christmas year after year, it is challenging to find fresh resources to help our congregations focus on Jesus’ coming as our Savior.  Additionally, we have to compete with a culture that gets louder, busier and more materialist every year.  Even our own church members get dragged farther and farther from the worshipful reverence for Jesus that characterized the first Christmas.

At Family Church, we have produced two resources that might be helpful to you or your church.

book unboxedFirst, our pastors have written Tell the Story, an Advent Devotional book as a resource to help keep Christ first this Christmas, in our families and in our hearts.  It features 30 daily devotional readings, based on the Bible’s account of the birth of Jesus.  To help encourage families, the book also features five easy-to-lead family devotionals, one for each week of Advent, and one for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. (The book is available on Amazon.)

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Churches might be interested in bulk purchase of these devotionals as gifts for newcomers, as a resource for staff, or to use as a congregation-wide growth campaign. Orders can be placed here:

Second, our Tell the Story Christmas album features fresh arrangements of classic Christmas hymns in a variety of styles.  There are fourteen tracks on the album: eight songs are in English and six songs are in Spanish. It would be a particularly effective resource for churches in areas with significant numbers of Spanish speakers.

Final_TellTheStory 450You can listen to samples here. (The album is also available at iTunes and Amazon.)

The Tell the Story CD would be a great gift for welcome bags, for a neighborhood outreach, or for members’ personal devotional use.

Free lead sheets are available at  Orchestrations and multitracks are available for purchase also.

At Family Church, we have had great response by offering both the book and CD at a discounted price.

If you are interested in bulk discount purchase of either of these resources for your congregation, please contact Mark Warnock (, or 561.650.7400). Order now for timely delivery.

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