Help us promote!

The success of this album and book project depends to a *great* degree on our ability to successfully promote it.

One of the ways we want to do that is via social media. We are recruiting a social media “street team”to help us get the word out and generate buzz about the album.

Members of our social media street team will receive an email every Monday for about the next eight weeks or so.  That email will contain four or five prewritten social media posts for that week, with easy links for you to post or share them on your facebook, twitter or instagram accounts.  There will be a variety of text, video and image posts. You do not *have* to share all of them, and you can modify them if you like, but the goal is to make it fairly easy for you to post them to your social network.

Can you help us? We’d like to get 100 influential people helping us in this way.

To get on our social media team, send me a quick email at

Thanks so much!

Mark Warnock, Admin Pastor, Family Church Worship