“Tell the Story” Advent Devotional Book (Free Sample)

AdventDevotional_TellTheStory_BookCoverProducing a Christmas Album gave us the great excuse to put together an Advent Devotional Book for the coming Christmas season. It’s entitled “Tell the Story: An Advent Devotional”, and we hope that it will be an inspiring resource for you to know Jesus better and understand the story of His coming more deeply.

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The book contains 30 daily devotionals, designed to be read beginning on the first Sunday of Advent, which this year is November 29th.  Each devotional contains a Scripture passage related to Christmas, a short reflection on that passage, and a suggested prayer.

In addition to the 30 daily readings, there are five family devotionals meant for families to use weekly during Advent, including one for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  We designed them to be super, super easy to lead–very short, and requiring little or no preparation.

Our Lead Pastor, Jimmy Scroggins, contributed a foreword for the book, in which he talks about the tradition of Christmas celebrations here at Family Church.  Additionally, for people who might be new to this sort of thing, the book has two appendices: one on how to have a personal devotional time with God, and one with suggestions for leading a Family Devotional time.

The devotional passages were written by 30 of our pastors and ministry leaders here at Family Church.  They represent quite a range of wisdom, experience, and perspectives: men and women, younger and older, some theologically trained, some not, from a wide variety of ethnic and family backgrounds. We think you’ll enjoy hearing all the different kinds of voices represented. Check out the list of writers:

  1. Tim Akin
  2. Keith Albert
  3. Bev Bonner
  4. Charles Burgan
  5. Don Chinquina
  6. Dave Cornett
  7. Bernie Cueto
  8. Stana Cyran
  9. George Estornell
  10. Aaron Filippone
  11. Jimmy Fogleman
  12. Steven Madonna
  13. Kevin Mahoney
  14. Krystal Gutierrez
  15. Johanna Jurado
  16. Bill Keith
  17. Charbel Khadij
  18. Heather Khadij
  19. Daniel Martin
  20. Jimmy Muir
  21. Winner Olmann
  22. Christian Ramos
  23. David Ramos
  24. Kevin Saxton
  25. Steve Scalici
  26. Jimmy Scroggins
  27. Derek Simpson
  28. Jaime Thomas
  29. Ray Underwood
  30. Steve Wright

The book can be purchased at a Family Church campus, at Family Christian Store in Boynton Beach, and is also available on Amazon.